Why Toddie?

Have you ever seen a sleeping bag with roll-up feet? ToddieBag is not a regular sleeping bag. Parents call it a 'chill suit' or in other words - the miracle that helps their kid sleep through the night - and also bring peaceful dreams to the parents themselves.

Every Toddie comes with roll-up feet that keep your kids’ feet warm during the night, let them walk around the house during the day. Moreover, the trouser ending sleeping bag ensures that it does not twist around the body, so the kids won't wake up.

ToddieBag is here to solve all the problems with uncovering. If you are interested in how, read on.


10 reasons why your child should wear ToddieBag

  • Naturally, your child won’t be able to uncover themselves.
  • Because of this, you can sleep well at night, knowing that your child will not catch a cold.
  • The sleeping bags are soft and warm like a hug. The thick sleeping bag fabric is made of light cotton, with a warm filling, to make sure that your child feels your care and love, even at night. Our thin sleeping bags are made out of two layers of cotton, without filling.

    • Thanks to the huge range of patterns and colour schemes, everybody can find the perfect ToddieBag sleeping bag.
    • The super-cute animals on the figures collection sleeping bags will brighten up the nights (and days) of your child.
    • Each Toddie has a long zipper on the side, so kids who sleep on their stomachs also can rest comfortably.
    • Comes with parent-friendly zip & snaps to make dressing up easier.


    • If your child can already walk, thanks to the roll-up feet, they will not fall over

    • Usual pyjama tops slip up to the neck of the children by morning, uncovering their hips and making their nights uncomfortable. However, the ToddieBags protect your child all night long.
    • The roll-up socks sewn on the sleeping bags are unique to the ToddieBag brand. At the bottom of the sleeping bags are roll-up socks which can be folded up when the child is sleeping and pulled off when the little one wakes up, just like socks or trousers.

      Are you ready for peaceful nights? Let's have a good night's sleep!

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