Max, the excavator

On a beautiful spring morning, David was snacking on his usual chocolate oatmeal while playing with his luminescent kinetic sand. “Crash” was its name since it always crashed on the carpet or under the table, or somewhere at the foot of the couch. It was already full of fluff and some dirt.

Put it down now and start to eat, we have to leave to the kindergarten soon! - said his mom to David.

I think we should just throw it out… it’s already dirty, too sticky. It’s not illuminating anyway.

Feel free to do so Honey, but I won’t buy a new one. You need to learn how to take care of your toys, darling.

David shrugged, threw the kinetic sand in the trash, and then took his father by the hand to the daycare.

Crash just blinked deep in the dark bin in the company of a banana peel.

There was sadness in another corner of the house as well: somewhere in the kid's room, a broken-wheeled car was full of sorrow, and behind the closet, one little piece of a puzzle was hoping to be found.

It was already getting dark outside when David got home from kindergarten.

He was holding a gift bag and happily told his parents what a nice toy he got from his little friends for his birthday.

Look at this! Its lights are working and the bucket can be rotated! I will call him Max! ” - he cheered.

The new toy became the most important piece of his room and it had a very special place during the night as well, right next to his owner.

Oh wow! Today was something special. I’m gonna love it here! - thought Max as he turned off his lights.

It was quiet and peaceful for a while, but later on, he started to hear noises… sighs from the dark.

I wish he could play with me again… - cried a little robot in the corner.

He used to love me when I was new! - said a little bunny, angrily.

Poor Crash, he sleeps in the bin tonight! - the ambulance car added.

Maxi heard the complaints and was startled. He looked at his sleeping owner, disappointed.

So you’re one of those kids… you only love your toys when they’re new. Well, good luck, then! - and he rolled out of the room and him somewhere.

As the first rays of the rising sun shone in the room, David woke up and looked around in fright.

Dad! Daaad! Come here, Max is missing! I can’t find him!

You played with it last night David… take a look at your room, it must be there! - said his dad.

But no matter how hard we was trying to find him… it was gone.

His mom tried to comfort him.

Aww, don’t cry. It must be there somewhere. Let’s tidy up your room and we’ll find it.

David hesitated a bit, but after a while, he started packing.

As they were tidying up, he rediscovered his old toys, and together with his mom, they repaired the damaged pieces. He was glad to see his old forgotten favorites.

Meanwhile, Maxi peeked out behind the door, and seeing David's effort, he finally calmed down.

Smiling inside, he watched the little boy and began to believe he had changed.

Suddenly he rolled in front of him and turned on his lights.

The little boy grabbed the excavator and hugged him tight.

Here you are, finally!!! I promise I will take care of you, and all of you! I will play with all of my toys, every single day! - he said.

And this time, he kept his word and so his room became a place of fun and esteemed toys from now on. What happened to Crash, the kinetic sand? you may ask.

Well, he's in a proper place now, where he belongs: in his own box.

And they all lived together, happily ever after!

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