Zazee, the zebra

Once upon a time, there was a little zebra called Zazee.

Zazee was a kind and quiet little zebra, so he had lots and lots of friends. But one of the many friends was especially close to his heart. He spent a lot of time with Ben, his very best friend.

They were hanging out on the playground, running around, competing with their bike, or just sitting on top of the climbing frame talking for hours.

What were they talking about?

Sometimes they wondered who would fall on the leash of the grumpy old man's dog, which was so thin that it could hardly be noticed.

Other times, bets were placed on how many times they have to kick the ball to fly over the fence of the soccer field.

And there were many times when they looked at the castles being made in the sandpit, of course, they explained how much bigger, more beautiful, more fortified one they could build.

More precisely, most of the time only Ben spoke, because Zazee was a really quiet zebra, seriously he was calm.

There was a day, when Zazee and Ben went for a walk.

First, they walked a circle around the playground, then hung out around the slides, but since Ben was so deep in his thoughts explaining something, they didn’t even notice that they left the houses, so the two walked all the way down to the wide road.

Lots and lots of cars were driving on that road on a daily basis.

Zazee and Ben's moms never let the little friends go out there, and since they were mindful little guys, they never reached it before.

But this time, Bence was so busy talking, that none of them noticed that they had been walking along the road for a long time.

As they were walking like this, Zazee suddenly noticed something bouncing behind him.

As he turned, he had already identified that another ball had left the soccer field, which was about to bounce over his head, right onto the road.

He didn't think a bit, just started to back off to catch the ball, not taking his eyes off of it for a second.

However, he could not see, that the road that was empty before started to be filled with cars as the lights turned green.

So Zazee was shifting towards the road with great energy, the cars approached dangerously ...

Luckily, Ben - although he explained something very seriously - noticed that his friend was drifting into a dangerous situation.

Overcoming the first shock, he jumped over to Zazee, and just before he would step on the road, grabbed Zazee's hand and pulled him back to the sidewalk.

But wow, how well he did!

A car was racing past them just at that moment!

Ben and Zazee stood there for a few minutes, frightened, trying to understand what had actually happened.

When the little zebra realized that his friend had just saved his life, infinite gratitude poured into his heart.

So he made a promise to dedicate his entire life to saving every little boy and girl who would step on the road, endangering their life.

From that moment on, he painted thick white-striped zebras in every busy place so the drivers know, that small children may cross the road there, and children also know where they're allowed to get off the road. In addition, he tells his story to every preschooler and primary school child he meets and draws everyone’s attention to the fact that you should only step on the road if you look around carefully before.

Anytime you see a zebra, make sure to remember Zazee and Ben’s story!

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