Say hello to the Circular Childhood Friends

Our mission is to build a successful company with a product that is sustainable and practical. Toddiebag offers innovative sleeping bags with roll-up feet for kids, and Toddeibag brings peaceful nights to families. Although our sleeping bags are produced ethically from sustainable materials with a low-waste mindset, we wanted to make sure the life of the products we sell does not end when the baby grows out of the sleeping bag. By adding a sparkle of circularity, we can make sure the sleeping bags have a second life.

We all know, kids grow in a blink of an eye. Every day, children bring joy, discover new skills but also leave tons of clothing behind that does not fit them anymore. We wanted to encourage parents to return the grown-out sleeping bags to us instead of folding them in boxes and taking them up in the attic, unused.

If you buy and return the sleeping bags (after you don't use them anymore), you'll receive 10% discount on the next order. Having those outgrown sleeping bags returned, we can give them a second life by repurposing them into new products that we will introduced via the Sendup platform.

Toddiebag's star product, the sleeping bag, comes in different sizes ranging from 86 to 116, leaving us  with diverse materials and sizes ready to be repurposed. Being conscious of opportunities and having zero-waste processes at heart, we created a trilogy of different products: a pillow, a diaper bag, and a crib organizer.

How to vote for us?

1.) Go to the Sendup website:

2.) Find Toddiebag picture - click to Send it up

3.) Fill out the form + open your email account

4.) Click on the link in the email - send Toddie up again

5.) Done! Thank you!


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