Charlie, The Little Pirate

One night, Charlie, the little pirate set sail. 

Leaving the comfort of his bed behind, he escaped to find exciting adventures and conquer one of the seven seas.

Before leaving, he quickly checked everything: he checked the knots and ropes to make sure they were strong enough, scanned all the sails with his eyes to see if they were torn somewhere, and of course, he took a look at the bottom of the ship to see if there's any leak on it. 

Everything was all right. He packed the stuff which he prepared in advance (including food enough for two weeks) then pulled up the anchor and in the twilight, he sailed out into the unknown. 

Since Charlie was only a four-year-old boy, he needed tremendous courage to start off. 

Because of that (and he didn’t want to feel so alone), first he turned the ship in the right direction, locked the wheel, sat down on the deck, and started to sing a song.

My face is rough, my hand is crooked. 
My anchor is curved like a hook.
My feet are wood, I have no left eye.
I hold onto my treasure so tight. 
I have a spot on a secret island,
It's so secret I didn't even find it yet.


For a while, it helped him to forget what a dangerous adventure he had started, and how much he was actually afraid of it. 

But then a few minutes later, when the darkness fell on him and the sound of his ship's rocking became quite frightening, his thoughts darkened as well.

He imagined his mother, who (when he left) was just mixing pancake batter in the kitchen so she could bake it for Charlie in the morning. 

He imagined his dad trying to fix the broken wheel of his small car so he could play with it again. 

Then he remembered his grandmother too, who knitted something nice for him for the winter, so when the freezing weather arrives, he wouldn't catch a cold.

Grandpa was planning another trip down the Memory Lane, and of course, he wanted to take Charlie with himself. 

By the time, he began to regret very much that he left home. Suddenly, a silent cry from somewhere broke the silence. (More precisely: it broke the frightening sound of the crackling ship.)

Courage, young man! - said Charlie to himself as he started to look for the owner of the thin voice. 

He looked into the cabin - nothing. 

In the sleeping cabin - also nothing. 

He searched every inch of the ship, but found no trace of the crying “someone”. However, he could still hear the voice.

 As he had scanned everything and was about to desperately collapse to the deck, he realized he had forgotten to check the crow's nest. 

But to climb there in this dense and terrifying darkness, he had to muster all his courage. 

Charlie was a gentleman who always, in all circumstances helped those, who were in trouble. 

So he did what he had to do and started the “rescue operation”.

Holding his tiny flashlight in front of him, he walked over to the mast, and before he could change his mind, began to climb upon it. 

Luckily, he was a talented little pirate, and he himself was surprised at how quickly he reached the crow’s nest.  

He peered in and, to his amazement, saw a tiny little girl in a purple dress with glittering wings in it. She stared at him with amazed, but still teary eyes.

Who are you and why are you sobbing? - asked the little pirate from the desperate mini-girl.

My name is Lulu Fairy and I got lost - replied the little fairy shaking.

Don't be afraid of me, please, I want to help. But I need to know what was your destination before you got lost.

I should have put a little boy named Charlie to sleep tonight. I didn’t look for a second, just reached into my pocket for the sleepy-dust box and he was already out of his crib. I noticed that he headed in this direction, I flew after him and hid here. But then it got really dark and I didn’t dare to come out. The noises of the night are very scary...  

Don't cry, Lulu! You found me! I’m Charlie, the little pirate. I couldn’t fall asleep, so I set out to conquer the seven seas.

Lulu smiled happily.

Indeed? Aww, this is great! Then we just have to somehow find our way back to your bed. I will help you to fall asleep! 

You know, before I heard you cry, I just thought it would have been better if I hadn’t left. I miss my family and my bed. And I was scared already - but only a tiny bit. I could hardly start to search for you. 

And yet you did? You are a really brave little pirate, Charlie!  Do you think we can find our way back to your place?

Of course! Come on, sit on my shoulder, I'll take you off the mast. If you're with me, I'll find my home easily.

And so it was. 

Lulu Fairy curled up on Charlie's shoulder, grabbed his collar as the little boy had climbed off the pole in a second!

After reaching the ground, he lit his flashlight in front of him and headed home. 

He was no longer afraid at all, for with him he had a new friend who needed help and before whom he was the great and brave little pirate. He soon reached his bed and snuggled into it happily.

See how fast we got home? - he asked the little fairy happily.

I see! Good job! Now it's time to sleep, please. - said Lulu, sprinkling sleepy dust on Charlie's head. - In your dreams, you will conquer many more adventures. Good night!

The little pirate fell asleep in the blink of an eye. 

Just in time, because at this point, the door of the nursery opened and Mom and Dad peered in through it. 

Lulu had little time left to hide from the infiltrating beam of light. Charlie's parents looked around the room and were surprised to find that the mast on the ship-shaped climber in the middle of the room (which Dad had built for the boy's birthday) was a little sideways… as if someone had climbed on it. 

But that strange thought flashed away in an instant as they saw the little one snoozing peacefully. 

He must be adventuring in one of the seven seas in his dream! - they thought. Then (taking care not to wake Charlie) Mom closed the door quietly.


Have you ever played instead of falling asleep?

Who would you prefer to be from the tale the pirate or the fairy?

Have you ever taken the courage to help someone else?

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