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Foldable roll-up socks keep kids' feet warm during the night and help them walk around during the day without falling.

Unlike traditional sleeping bags, Toddie does not twist around the body, ensuring peaceful dreams for the kids ...and for you, as well.

Toddie sleeping bag (or 'chill suit') is ideal for on the go and at home.

Each Toddie has a long zipper on the side, so kids who sleep on their stomachs also can rest comfortably.

Comes with parent-friendly zip & snaps to make dressing up easier.

This Toddie is available in sizes: 86, 92, 98, 104, 110, 116.

For a perfect fit, check the size of the clothes your child is currently wearing and choose a Toddie that is one size larger.

Parents' said


"The roll-up socks keep her feet warm during the night. During the day she can walk around & chill without falling. You also wash fewer clothes because this is the ideal item to wear when you are at home!"


"This is the ideal sleeping bag that your child can also chill in! The Toddiebag is very flexible, he can put his feet through the sleeping bag very easily. We can also use it when we go on a late night car-trip."


"Sam still sleeps next to me in a crib and that will soon change. To make this transition a little easier, he recently got a new sleeping bag from Toddiebag. I think this chill suit will help Sam sleep better alone."